Estonian National Museum

The Estonian National Museum (ENM) is an ethnological museum dealing with Estonian and Finno-Ugric people’s everyday life and culture. The museum is also the biggest museology studies centre in Estonia. During the last years, with the study of museum communications in the 21st century, new models of collaboration (such as open curatorship exhibitions, oral history projects for the minority groups, documentation of everyday life etc.) and social inclusion have been used in the museum to increase the active participation of people and communities in content creation. The aim is to promote active visitor engagement, social interaction and participation in the museum. ENM has experience of working for 20 years with emigration and repression subjects, mostly dealing with communities and people who have emigrated from Estonia during II WW or deported by the Soviet authorities to Russia in 1940s. Also the migrations of Estonians since the 1990s have been a subject of research in the last years.

The opening of the new Estonian National Museum in October 2016 has increased the interest in its activities and given the museum good opportunities to expand its scope in society and to increase the participation of different communities and cultural groups.