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Stories and memories of migration and integration of an older generation of women, the “Grandmothers”, are seldom collected or retold. Male immigrants may be credited for their contribution to their host countries development, through their hard work often in mundane or physically demanding work. The grandmothers played an equally important role in this contribution, by raising families and in some instances whilst working full time. They are not however given the same credit for their role in the story of migration and integration. Through engaging young people of migrant or refugee background in their local community to record and share such stories, the project aims to develop key skills in interpretation, heritage and media, in a setting of migration, tolerance and diversity.

The project team is developing comprehensive high-quality training material and guidelines for youth workers which will extend and develop their competence in working with young migrants and refugees in intercultural environments. An online platform will be used to curate and share the stories along with pop-up exhibitions in each partner country.



A methodology for engaging youth in local culture and heritage.

Training curriculum

A training curriculum and course for Youth Workers – “Engaging Youth in Heritage”


Guidelines for Youth community empowerment campaign on migration issues

Online story platform

An online platform to create and share the migration & integration stories and other resources.

Migration heritage

A methodology for developing “Migration Heritage” trails in cities and towns for engaging migrant youth in their local community

Creating exhibitions

A methodology for creating pop-up and online exhibitions, for youth engagement purposes in colleges, libraries, museums and community associations.

Project Partners


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