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These modules are aimed at youth workers and other educators to train them in the initial induction skills, knowledge and competences needed to engage in discussion about Migration and also to add skills in developing pop up education exhibitions and migrant heritage trails.

Welcome to our series of tutorials on how to develop your media and interview skills so you and your team can conduct a quality interview with Grandma and upload her story to the Grandma’s Story website, so other young people in Europe can see your work.

The course is aimed at Youth Workers and young people involved in their community who would like to interview a grandma and tell her story to the rest of Europe.

Aims of the course: - The aim of this course is to develop your basic filming making and interview skills so you and your team can conduct an interview with confidence. What you will learn using the video tutorials.

  • Setup and use a camera to record video
  • Learn about cutaway objects and photos that you can use in final edit to enhance the story you are telling
  • Setup and use an audio recording device
  • Learn about lighting for an interview
  • Put those 3 elements together to setup for an interview
  • Copyright, what is it and why is it important to Interviews skills
  • Learn basic film editing skills by using free software you can download to put your interview together and make it look professional
  • How to upload your interview to the “Grandma’s Tales” website.

VT01 Media and Interview Skills Course Introduction

VT02 How to use the Tutorials

VT03 Team Roles for your Interview

VT04 How to Setup Your Cameras

VT05 How to setup your Lighting

VT06 Recording Audio

VT07 Copyright

VT08 Mashkura Interview Skills Case Study

VT09 Interview Tips with Kerrie

VT10 Basic Editing in HitFilm

VT11 Synching Audio and Video

VT12 Making Transitions

VT13 Adding Titles and Credits to your Edit

VT14 Adding Music to your Edit

VT15 Rendering and Exporting your Finished Video

VT16 Simon Interview Setup for Partners