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Martino Pietropoli

The main precondition for making a logistic plan is the vision of the concept of the exhibition; what you want to exhibit, how you want to set up an exhibition, how much space is needed for the exhibition, whom you want to get involved in helping us to perform, whom you want to invite to officially open the exhibition (eg local government representative, director of an institution, project manager ), whom you want to call as special guests (media, people who support the show, people we consider important to call).


Photo by Christian Fregnan

Logistics is the key element to plan an event. In order for logistics to be well done you have to make a plan of events that make much easier to realize your goal, in this case the organization of a pop-up exhibition. Organize your team and share tasks!


Before setting up the exhibition:

  1. Find a location. Make contract with the manager / owner of the space - about lease or free assignment, about the time we need to place the exhibition, about the duration of the exhibition.
  2. Create promotional materials (invitations, posters, social event events) that clearly show the name of the exhibition, the author of the exhibition, the time and venue for the opening of the exhibition, as well as the logo of eventual sponsors and / or donors.
  3. Publish promotional material to the public (contacting the media, sending press releases by inviting media to accompany our event, sending invitations, sharing social events)
  4. Organize catering - If you want to be welcomed by guests and visitors of the exhibition, you need to buy a drink and a meal, or organize a party (at the opening of the exhibition most often serve snacks, kippers, snacks or small snacks, water, juices). It is important to know how and when to get food and food at the location of the exhibition opening.
  5. Organize the exhibition setting (when the exhibition sets, who comes to help, how much time is needed to set up).
  6. Prepare the text for the moderator at each opening of the exhibition The program guides the person who welcomes the guests, highlights the important guests, announces the speakers, presents the project and the author, invites the guests to take their food and drink after passing the official part. The text that the moderator speaks is prepared a few days before the opening of the exhibition and sent to the moderator to prepare for the given assignment.

Important steps on the day of the pop-up exhibition opening:

  • Check the pre-made program and list of speakers (those who officially open the show) and the guests we would like to especially greet.
  • Agreement with assistants: who will be the moderator at the exhibition, who will receive the guests and send them where they should go and give information to journalists from whom they can take a statement (eg author, president of the association, person who opens the exhibition) who will serve guests (meal, drink).
  • Set up a table for drinking and eating.
  • Finalizing the space in which the opening is taking place.




  • Define the steps in organizing public event
  • Develop the communication skills needed for logistical implementation of events
  • Learn team management
  • Learn how to prepare promotional materials