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Name Tatjana
Origin: Nevel, Russia
Current Home: Tartu, Estonia
Story told by:: Estonian National Museum

Tatjana was born in Russia, in the city of Nevel. She moved to Estonia to attend university here and stayed here because she liked the peacful and green city. Also she got married and started a family there. Tartu has changed a lot since that, there are a lot of new and beautiful buildings. People haven't changed but Tartu is not the student city it used to be. Tatjana misses the student caps, she used to have a green one and back then everyone used to wear caps. Some wore white, some red and some blue hats and you knew based on that what the students were studing. 

There were 4 sisters in her family, Tatjana lives in Tartu, Estonia, her older sister lives in Nevel, Russia, one of the younger sisters lives in Belarus, the fourth one lives Ukraine. This is how their lives have turned out.