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Name Telda
Origin: Asmara, Eritrea
Current Home: verona, italy
Story told by:: Glocal

Telda is born in Teramni, Eritrea in 1948. She had got 5 brothers and 1 sister. When she grew up, she joined her sister in Asmara looking for something different from a farmer's life. There she found a job in an Italian family and she learnt Italian. In 1973 she decided to leave for Rome. There, and in Verone where she moved, she started a family. She is now having a collaboration with 'Casa di Ramia', a public association that helps foreign women to find their way in Italy.


Telda's precious objects are a typical jewellery box that, in a bigger version, also needs as a 'meal-cart'. And a typical painting in lambskin that represents a woman making coffee with the jewellery box near her.