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Name Mabel
Origin: Accra, Ghana
Current Home: verona, italy
Story told by:: Glocal

Mabel comes from Accra in Ghana. There she graduated as a nurse and she moved to Nigeria to work. The 29th March of 1986, she left Nigeria to Caserta in Italy, where her husband and his employer were waiting for her at the airport. From Caserta to Verone, since 1989 she has fought to be recognised as a nurse and she finally won her place in 1996. In Verone, she built her family and the European life she dreamt about. She collaborates with local public institutions to help other foreign women to find a job and to be happy in the new society.

Mabel's precious objects are typical Ghanian clothes called 'Kente Ntuma' or 'Kente avo'. She chooses them because they're the pride of her people, even if she doesn't wear them.